•View Inventory in real-time
•Conduct Bucket Loading
•Conduct Material Movements
•View Bucket Loading in real-time
•View Material Movements in real-time
•Monitor scales, crane , spectrometer activity
•Operate from IOS, Android, Windows Platforms
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Basically, a Scrap Yard System is a Material Inventory System with the capability to track material  that is loaded into metal charging buckets.

The Management of the Scrap Yard System will provide the capability to minimize the introduction of interruptions the result of erroneous human entry of critical process information. This will be accomplished by the maximum use of automatic interfaces with ERP and other meltshop software as well as automatic interfaces to scrap yard equipment such as scales , spectrometers, cranes, RFID sensors , hazardous material sensors, positioning systems etc.

                                              •Visibility into Inventory
                                              •Provide Accurate and Timely Periodic  Valuation Reports
                                               •Control Material Movement
                                               •Reduce Variability
                                               •Connect to: Order Management , Purchasing, Melting,                                                     Finishing, and Shipping Process
                                               •Reduce ‘Disruptions’
                                               •Reduce ‘ghost’ inventory
                                               •Environmental Control

Manage Scrap Yard Transactions using a Tablet